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Release SFOS 17.05 MR8

Release SFOS 17.05 MR8

Release SFOS 17.05 MR8  – Sophos hat für die XG-Firewall ein neues Release veröffentlicht…
Die neue Version 17.05 MR8 wird nach und nach über das Auto-Update zur Verfügung gestellt. Über das Licensing Portal von Sophos kann die aktuelle Firmware heruntergeladen werden. Wie Sie ein Firmware-Upgrade durchführen können Sie hier nachlesen: https://community.sophos.com/kb/en-us/123285

Hier finden Sie die Liste der Änderungen bzw. der behobenen Probleme der aktuellen Version Release SFOS 17.05 MR8:

  • NC-47055 [Authentication] Support >48 characters password length for Radius Server
  • NC-46680 [Certificates] Completing CSR with certificate breaks SSL VPN
  • NC-48512 [Dynamic Routing (PIM)] Multicast traffic getting stopped after update of interface
  • NC-39749 [Email] Use FQDN in Quarantine Digest
  • NC-40831 [Email] Add capability to increase size of Mail Quarantine area in UI
  • NC-45305 [Email] SPX related reports not being displayed on the GUI
  • NC-48542 [Email] Potential RCE via arbitrary file creation vulnerability
  • NC-49003 [Email] Custom ports for SMTP proxy stopped working after 17.5
  • NC-46938 [FQDN] FQDNd doesn’t update/create ipset
  • NC-46401 [Import-Export Framework] “/conf” partition is at 100%
  • NC-47095 [Interface Management] TSO changes are not permanent in HA
  • NC-48031 [Interface Management] Wifi client did not get gateway and other config after reboot until enable and re-enable the wifi on client
  • NC-48487 [IPS Engine] Postgres taking high CPU
  • NC-48956 [IPS Engine] Modify IPS TCP Anomaly Detection setting to disabled in default setting
  • NC-46079 [Logging Framework] Garner coredump on aux node following upgrade to 17.5 MR3
  • NC-46780 [Logging Framework] Reports not being generated when Email Notification feature is enabled
  • NC-46879 [Sandstorm] Add support for Sandstorm’s Frankfurt data centre
  • NC-48718 [Service Object] Unable to edit service object that is assigned to a firewall rule
  • NC-43625 [UI Framework] Adding VLAN interface fails in IE in HA Active-Active mode
  • NC-45371 [UI Framework] Incorrect UI behavior for Web User Activities
  • NC-45495 [Web] Policy Tester UI and overlay issues
  • NC-45724 [Web] Full file download retry failure after 416 (Range Not Satisfiable) being returned by proxy
  • NC-47626 [Web] Web category “Hacking” should be classified as “Objectionable” instead “Acceptable”
  • NC-47075 [Wireless] Export of the WirelessAccessPoint does not contain the Group
  • NC-47115 [Wireless] WirelessAccessPoint includes the wrong value for <DynChan5GHz>
  • NC-47738 [Wireless] XML import is failing for wireless config failing when RADIUS Server and Pending Access Points data is present in import file

Sie haben Interesse an der XG Firewall von Sophos? Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie auch hier: https://www.ikomm.de/sophos-xg-firewall/

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