SEPPmail Version 11 veröffentlicht

SEPPmail Version 11 veröffentlicht – SEPPmail hat vor einige Tagen die neue Version 11 vorgestellt und veröffentlicht. Gestern gab es bereits den ersten Patch dafür mit der Versionsnummer 11.0.1. Mit der Version 11 wurden zahlreiche Änderungen vorgenommen. 

SEPPmail Version 11 und hier die wichtigsten Neuerungen:

SEPPmail Version 11

Major changes:

– New policy editor features and ordering support
– Improved spoofing detection
– GINA GUI security hardening
– DKIM support


– Prevent creation of wildcard managed domains
– Allow selection for MPKI-capable managed domains
– S/MIME bulk import advanced usage options
– Let S/MIME certificate deduplication default to off in new installs
– Unofficial antivirus signatures now default to off in new installs
– Validate maximum message size value
– Support bulk imports in X.509 certificates and OpenPGP public keys
– Remove non-user bulk imports in administration section
– Show current ruleset creation data
– List mobile number in GINA account overview
– Reject SSL certificate upload if non-server certificate was presented
– Allow use of internal CA for virtual host SSL certificate creation
– Create PGP keys immediately when requesting them in the GUI
– Added D-TRUST MPKI connector
– Policy editor now supports selecting GINA template
– Allow reordering policies in policy editor
– Add mail disclaimers to policy editor
– Updated layout of key server input
– Automatically delete non-managed users after 6 months of inactivity
– Improve import to accept OpenPGP user IDs without “<>” characters
– Indicate managed domain participation value correctly when global setting is used
– Remove carriage returns from templates to avoid spurious newlines
– Correct fetchmail SSL support
– Fix edit bug in multiple customer management
– Add SEPPmail version to backup file name
– Warn about auto-renew issues in daily report
– Warn on version mismatch in cluster


– Allow filtering mail logs by encryption, signature, large file or unencrypted property
– Audit and system log now always display 1 full year of log entries
– Make message ID column optional in mail log overview
– Fix property display mismatch in mail log overview
– Improved parsing in technology statistics generation
– Log ruleset version in mail log


– Add separate dispatch queue for locally injected mails
– Distinguish between external and outgoing communication
– Wait for internal database to come up instead of failing to process mails
– Defer creation of S/MIME certificates to keep mail processing responsive
– Automatic managed domain relay checks now also enforce global relay permission
– Allow managed domain request header check result to persist
– Improved check_sender() mail header validity check
– Allow variable replacement in setvar() and empty()
– Change LDAP import to add new addresses to existing certificates on key match
– Fix calculation of mail size when reassembling GINA attachments
– Allow reversal of large file processing in deliver()
– Removed obsolete getcustomer() function
– Added support for opaque S/MIME signature creation
– iscalendar() will now treat RTF just like plain calendar entries
– Optional DKIM support for managed domains
– Allow precise disclaimer positioning with “##MAILDISCLAIMER##” placeholder
– Always remove [emptypw] tag from processed mails
– Fix MIME-Version Header misplacement in domain encryption
– Do not allow notify() delete the original message in edge case
– Improved recipient rewrite internals


– Use HTML instead of text part when generating a PDF download
– Optionally disallow manual input of GINA recipients
– Create unique message ID for all GINA mails
– Use minimal UTF-8 encoding in mail headers
– GINA GUI code, script and object security hardening
– Add viewport meta values to secure attachment
– Improved GINA GUI responsiveness
– Update to Bootstrap 3.4.1

Large files:

– New LFT disks will now require a size of at least 30 GB
– Split LFT maximum size for outgoing and incoming mails


– Update to OpenBSD 6.5 / LibreSSL 2.9
– Hardening of NTP configuration
– Improved Azure integration

Wie bereits erwähnt gibt es bereits den ersten Patch für die Version 11. Hier die Änderungen des Patches:

– Validate sender addresses before processing starts
– archive() usage now correctly appears in mail log
– Fix issue in periodic domain certificate update

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